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Corporate Responsibility

For us, corporate responsibility is about minimising our impact to the environment, encouraging sustainable use of goods and resources as well as travel for our employees, and supporting communities in need.

  • We have efficient recycling and waste management processes in operation across our business and provide our staff, where possible, with environmentally friendly resources to undertake their work. We also strive to work with local suppliers and resources as far as possible.
  • We encourage paperless archiving and electronic submittal of reports and other outcomes
  • Our office is located centrally providing easy access to sustainable travel options for our staff.
  • We are also trying to participate as a company to various environmental campaigns, such as:

- National Clean-up Campaign “Let’s do it Cyprus” (September 2012)
- Raising Environmental awareness in new generations (See more)

Understanding & Addressing Client Needs
We can assist you in any environmental or water resources management issue that your project requires. Our team’s wide and in-depth expertise and experience can provide you with high quality services and independent advice and support.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your project requirements.
Cooperation Opportunities
Our expertise and experience in a wide range of fields relating to environmental and water resources management and our deep knowledge to the regional conditions, can be proved valuable for partnership opportunities.

Learn more about us and contact us to discuss partnership opportunities.
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