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Our Clients

Ι.Α.CO has built a strong clientele from the private and public sector, both in Cyprus and abroad, as a result of its fast growing reputation and its evolving fields of expertise. Our diverse client-base includes government departments, community groups, industrial operators and private developers, Universities and Agencies. Our recent clients include:


Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment

  • Water Development Department
  • Environment Department
  • Forestry Department
  • Department of Agriculture
  • Geological Service Department
  • Mines Service

Ministry of Interior

  • Technical Services – Solid Waste Management Sector
  • Town Planning and Housing Department
  • Game Fund

Ministry of Communication and Works

  • Public Works Department

Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism

  • Energy Service

Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance

  • Department of Labor Inspection

Local Authorities

  • Municipalities and Communities

Semi-public Bodies

  • Cyprus Telecommunications Authority
  • Electricity Authority of Cyprus

Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber

Universities, research Centers, NGOs, Non Profit Organizations

  • University of Cyprus
  • Cyprus Institute
  • BirdLife Cyprus

Private Companies

  • Marfin Popular Bank Public Co Ltd
  • HERMES Airports Ltd
  • Pharmakas Quarries Group of Companies
  • K. Kythreotis Holdings Public Ltd
  • Skyramont Quarries Ltd
  • Medcon Quarries Ltd
  • Ch. Mylona Quarries (Mitsero) Ltd
  • Gen. Theologou Quarries Ltd
  • Epiphaniou Scrap Metals Ltd
  • K. Kyriakou Scrap Metals Ltd
  • Chronis Developments Ltd & M.Michael Metals Ltd
  • P.F.X.T. Thermosolar Renewables Ltd
  • Impervius Holdings Ltd
  • A & A Slaughterhouses Ltd
  • L.A.TOP Genetics Ltd
  • S.& P. Lagos Farm Ltd
  • Theodosis P. Zavos & Sons Farm Ltd
  • Lambrianides Bros Ltd
  • cp FOODLAB Ltd

Land Developing and Construction Companies

Golf Course Developments

  • Secret Valley Golf Course - Venus Rock Estates Ltd
  • Universal Golf Enterprises Ltd
  • St Elizabeth Golf Resort Ltd
  • Lanitis Farm Golf Ltd

Residential and Tourist Villas, and Hotel Development

  • MORILIGHT LTD (Quality Group Member)
  •  JV Kyriakos Prodromou & Mandrides Hotel

Land and Property Management

  • Chronis Developments Ltd & M.Michael Metals Ltd
  • GCC Ltd
  • Flourentzos & Andreas Developers Ltd

Architects / Town Planners

Thematic Park Operators and Developers

Industrial Operators

  • Mineral Oil and Gas Refineries
  • Hide and Skin Tanneries
  • Tailings and Waste-rock in Mining Activities
  • Waste Recycling, Treatment and Incineration
  • Animal Farming and Husbandries (piggeries and poultry, dairy farms, rabbit farms, ostrich farms etc)
  • Food Industry
  • Slaughterhouses and Animal by-product industries
  • Desalination Plants
  • Water Treatment and Water Bottling, etc.


European Community, European Commission

  • DG Environment,
  • DG Agriculture,
  • LIFE Funding
  • PlanBleu
  • Global Water Partnership - Mediterranean


  • DG Water


  • Central Water Service – Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change


  • OREADE – BRECHE Sarl, ΟΝΕΜΑ – The French National Agency for Water and Aquatic Environments
Understanding & Addressing Client Needs
We can assist you in any environmental or water resources management issue that your project requires. Our team’s wide and in-depth expertise and experience can provide you with high quality services and independent advice and support.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your project requirements.
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