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Our Team
I.A.CO’s high quality services are credited to the expertise and experience of our team of experts. By working as an integrated team, we use our skills, expertise and understanding of often complex and interrelated environmental, technical and economical issues to determine the best solution for each project.

  Iacovos Iacovides - Managing Director
Hydrologist, Hydrogeologist, Water Resources Specialist (MSc)

With over 45 years of experience behind him, Iacovos is considered as a specialist with probably a unique expertise in water resources management issues in Cyprus and of similar semi-arid climates abroad. Iacovos was former Hydrologist, Senior Hydrogeologist, and Principal Water Engineer in the Water Development Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment (Cyprus). He participated in most of the projects (Water Planning project, Southern Conveyor project etc.) and feasibility studies for almost all the dams and the development and management of all the aquifers in the island He was also responsible for large scale projects, such as the “re-evaluation of water resources supply and demand in Cyprus (WDD, FAO)” and has extensive experience in the implementation of the Water Framework Directive in Cyprus. He has worked on a large number of hydrological and hydraulic studies Also, he is an expert in master planning of water works and feasibility studies of water resources management, artificial recharge works and flood prevention schemes in Cyprus and abroad (Libya, Greece, Oman, Syria, Jordan, etc). Recent publications include “Groundwater Pollution Control” by WITpress (2000), “Coping with Water Scarcity – Addressing the Challenges” by Springer (2009), “Water Resources Allocation” by Springer (2011).

  Ayis Iacovides - Managing Director
Civil / Environmental Engineer, Environmental Management Expert (MSc)

Ayis has over 12 years experience in the provision of environmental consultation and water resources management services at a mid to senior level in Cyprus and abroad. He has been the project manager for a significant number of projects both for the private and the public sector. He specializes in Environmental Impact Assessment of Projects and Plans and also has broad experience in the implementation of Environmental related European Directives, such as Water Framework Directive, IPPC, Urban Waste Water Directive etc. In addition, he acted as an expert in the design of monitoring plans for water and wastewater and also in the preparation of management plans for Natura 2000 Protected Areas. His overall career and broad involvement in all aspects of environmental engineering establishes him as highly experienced in the organization and implementation of public participation and consultation campaigns on environmental issues. His involvement in a broad range of environmental consulting and water management projects and studies allows him to have a holistic and coherent approach in the projects that he is involved. He is a member of Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber, of the Technical Committee of the Water Problem in Cyprus and a member of the Executive Committee of the Association of Scientists and Environmental Engineers in Cyprus.

  Phoebe Vayanou
Biologist, Oceanographer, Environmental Scientist (MSc)

Phoebe has over 10 years experience in environmental consulting and water management. She specialises in the fields of ecological assessment and mitigation, as well as implementation of European Directives in Greece, Cyprus and other countries. Her primary role is the preparation and review of Ecological Impact Assessments, Management Plans for Natura 2000 Protected Areas and the design and implementation of monitoring plans for habitats and species, as well as for the ecological status of water bodies. She has extensive experience in the Water Framework Directive through implementing studies of various articles in Cyprus and in Greece and has participated in the meetings of the Mediterranean Geographical Intercalibration Group (MEDGIG) for the Intercalibration Exercise. Finally, she is trained and experienced in the organisation, implementation and evaluation of participation, facilitation and consultation campaigns on environmental issues with the public and relevant stakeholders.

  Athina Papatheodoulou
Biologist, Environmental Scientist (MSc)

Athina holds a Biology Degree and a MSc Degree in Water and Environmental Management. She is experienced in the monitoring and assessment of aquatic ecosystems, with the use of bio-indicators. She has also worked in monitoring and mapping of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and has significant field work experience. Athina has worked for the development of the Landscape Character Assessment map of Cyprus and has developed and taught various environmental education materials.

  Angela Nicolaou
Chemical Engineer, Energy Production and Management (MSc)

Angela, with more than 6 years experience within the firm, specialises in the Environmental Impact Assessment Studies for a wide array of projects and developments including community based developments, water and wastewater treatment schemes, industrial and livestock developments etc. She has a good understanding of the legislation, operational issues and ways of evaluation of waste water treatment plants. She has also extensive experience in projects of the renewable energy sector, mainly photovoltaic systems and wind farms.

  Chrysanthi Demetriou
Chemical Engineer, Computational Fluid Mechanics (M.Sc)

Chrysanthi has over 9 years of experience in the fields of Chemical and Environmental Engineering for several projects within the country. She has been involved in the preparation and coordination of Feasibility Studies, Environmental Impact Assessment Studies (EIA) and Reconnaissance Studies, and participation in the design of environmental protection facilities and sewerage networks as well as other various projects. She also worked as inspector for the Department of the Environment of the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment. Especially, she carried out inspections in different IPPC facilities and waste management facilities and examined different complaints concerning environmental pollution.

  Marios Mouskoundis
Geologist, Environmental Hydrogeologist (MSc)

Marios has significant working experience in the preparation of hydrological and hydraulic studies for various developments, as well as in flood risk analysis and prevention schemes. He is an expert in the use and various applications of Geographical Information Systems (ArcGIS), in conjunction with the application of hydrological, hydraulic and hydrogeological modelling (ArcHydro, HEC-GeoRAS, HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS, MODFLOW, etc).He has also implemented a great number of hydrogeological studies for the protection of boreholes from pollution that are used for human consumption.

  Elena Nikolaou
Rural and Surveyor Engineer, Water Resources Science and Technology (MSc)

Elena, holds a BSc in Rural and Surveying Engineering and a MSc in Water Resources Science and Technology. She specializes in Water Resources Management, Geographical Information Systems, Geography and Regional Planning and Coastal Zone Management. She is an expert in the use of various applications of Geographical Information Systems (ArcGIS), Coastal Modelling tools (Mike 21 DHI) and 2D design software (AutoCAD). Elena has conducted Urban Planning studies by the means of novel geospatial tools. She has also simulated the efficiency of a breakwater system using a numerical model in a coastal area of Paphos District. She is a Member of Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ETEK) and a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor.

Associated Experts

Due to I.A.CO’s nature of work and broad range of activity fields, the engagement and permanent cooperation with specialized experienced associates on short contract arrangements or contracts on a project to project basis is a common practice. Our associates consist of Chemical Engineers, Botanists, Ornithologists, Zoologists, Environmentalists, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Economists, Geologists, Sociologists, Agronomists, Agriculturists, Archaeologists, Town Planners, Experts on Mapping, Information Technology experts, etc.

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