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Home Page / Case Studies / Environmental Impact Assessment / Environmental Impact Assessment of a Waste to Energy Plant of 13MW capacity at Koshi, Larnaca. HELECTOR Cyprus.
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Environmental Impact Assessment of a Waste to Energy Plant of 13MWe capacity at Koshi, Larnaca
Client:  HELECTOR Cyprus
subcontracted by ENVECO S.A. (Greece)
Region: Cyprus
Type: Environmental Impact Assessment, Renewable Energy, Waste & Pollution Management
Duration: 02/2012 - 04/2012
Other Partners: ENVECO S.A. (Greece)

The EIA study evaluated the development of an Electricity Production Unit through the exploitation of secondary fuels (RDF/ SRF/ organic fraction 0-130 mm) located within the existing installation of Integrated Management of Solid Household Wastes in Koshi, Larnaca. The proposed Waste to Energy Plant will be fully integrated into the existing installations of solid waste management and energy fuel production, since it will operate as a receptor of secondary fuels produced by the processing of municipal solid wastes in the region. At the same time, the power station will generate electricity that will be available for the National Energy Network.

The tasks that were successfully completed and the services that were provided were:

. Analysis of the current condition of the natural environment of the area (topography, geology, hydrology/hydrogeology, seismicity, soils, meteorology, flora and fauna)
. Analysis of the socioeconomic conditions of the area (population, economic activities, town planning, land use)
. Proposal and environmental evaluation of different alternative solutions to the project
. Evaluation and assessment of the potential environmental impacts that can arise during the project’s construction and operation
. Formation and proposal of suitable mitigation measures to address the potential environmental impacts
. Elaboration of monitoring plan to be implemented during the construction and operation of the project
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