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Home Page / Case Studies / Environmental Impact Assessment / Environmental Impact Assessment of four Clay Material Borrow Sites to be used for Dam Construction in Cyprus. Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment, Cyprus.
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Environmental Impact Assessment of four Clay Material Borrow Sites to be used for Dam Construction in Cyprus
Client:  Water Development Department
Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment
Region: Cyprus
Type: Environmental Impact Assessment
Duration: 06/2010 - 04/2011
Other Partners: -

The main objectives of the project were:

. Quantitative and qualitative evaluation of positive and negative environmental impacts of excavation of borrow areas
. Compatibility of the planned quarrying with existing or planned uses
. Cause of difficulty to the inhabitants or other users of the area and to their health and safety
. Impacts to the use or development and value of the land
. Atmospheric pollution including dust
. Impacts to natural runoff and drainage, soil, floods etc.
. Sources and level of noise, dust and vibration due to the works
. Impact to fauna and flora, ecosystems and wild life
. Proposed methodology for the reclamation of the area to its initial condition before the exploitation

The tasks that were successfully completed were:

. Description of the works to be undertaken (area, required extent of land, main works and quantities to be excavated, consumption of natural resources and energy, human resource needs , reclamation of landscape)
. Production, processing and disposal of wastes (liquid and solid wastes, noise, vibrations, aerial emissions,)
. Description of natural environment of the area (topography, geology, hydrology/hydrogeology, seismicity, soils, meteorology, flora and fauna)
. Description of the socioeconomic conditions of the area (population, economic activities, town planning, land use)
. Evaluation of environmental impacts
. Proposal of mitigation measures for the environment (water resources, noise and vibrations, quality of the atmosphere, creation of wastes, aesthetics, biotic environment, social and town planning conditions, safety issues – traffic)
. Monitoring and control program
. Views of local communities (Flasou, K. Koutrafa)
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