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Home Page / Case Studies / Environmental Impact Assessment / Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Cyprus Rural Development Plan (RDP) 2007-2013. Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment, Cyprus.
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Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Cyprus Rural Development Plan 2007-2013

Department of Agriculture
Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment

Region: Cyprus
Type: Strategic Environmental Assessment
Duration: 05/2007 - 09/2007
Other Partners: -

The RDP 2007-2013 is a plan that seeks to identify specific problems associated with the rural economy and rural environment and respond to those problems with measures that are appropriate, effective and in line with the requirements of European and national legislation. The plan is structured around 4 main objectives - axes with measures allocated among each axe. The 4 main objectives - axes were:

. Improving the competitiveness of agriculture in the products that Cyprus has a relative advantage by supporting restructuring, development and innovation
. Improving the environment and biodiversity
. Improving the quality of life in rural areas and encouraging diversification of economic activity
. Creation of local skills and diversification of economic activity in rural areas through the LEADER program

The tasks that were successfully completed and the services that were provided by I.A.CO in the frame of the Strategic Environmental Assessment were:

. Analysis and description of the context and objectives of the Plan, establishing the baseline and deciding on the scope
. Detailed description of the Plan with a focus on those aspects that have a potential environmental impact
. Developing and refining alternatives, assessing effects and assist in the refinement of the plan and in the selection of the ones to be further analysed.
. Analysis and presentation of the current situation in the relevant environmental fields, as well as of the trends and expected developments
. Detailed assessment and evaluation of the likely significant environmental impacts of the Plan, also taking into account cumulative impacts
. Identification and proposal of appropriate mitigation measures in order to be incorporated into the plan-making process
. Formulation of appropriate Monitoring Programme for the impacts and the effectiveness of measures
. Consultation and Public Participation Campaign with the public and relevant stakeholders
. Presentations of the Environmental Report to the public and to the Environmental Authority
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