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Waste Management Plans and Permitting Procedures for different intensive Pig, Cattle and Poultry Farms in Cyprus
Client:  Private sector
Region: Cyprus
Type: Waste & Pollution Management, Environmental Permitting
Duration: -
Other Partners: -

The main objectives of this group of case studies are:

. Environmental Impact Assessment Studies

Environmental evaluation of the development of new animal husbandry units, modifications to existing units, or construction of waste treatment plants. The evaluation covers, amongst others, the following basic tasks:

    • Analysis of the current condition of the natural environment of the area and the socioeconomic conditions of the area
    • Proposal for the best available techniques for the husbandry unit or the waste management
    • Evaluation and assessment of the potential environmental impacts that can arise during the project’s construction and operation phase
    • Proposal of suitable mitigation measures against the potential environmental impacts and design of monitoring plan during the project’s construction and operation phase
. Granting of Environmental Permits and consulting on the fulfilling of Environmental Terms:
    • Preparation and Submission of Applications of various environmental permits including Waste Disposal Permit, Air Emission Permit and Waste Management Permit
    • Support for the fulfilling of the permits’ terms, concerning waste, soil and water analysis, reports and data that must be kept during the operation of the unit
    • Preparation of Environmental Management Systems, according international environmental management standards
. Consulting and Supporting:
    • Continuous support for matters concerning environmental aspects, meetings and communication with the relevant authorities concerning the environmental licensing.


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