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Home Page / Case Studies / Water & Flood Management / Storm water evaluation and design of the disposal network for the Xylophagou Village. Local Authority of Xylophagou Village, Cyprus.
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Hydrologic and Hydraulic Studies for Rainwater Collection Systems at Municipality Level
Client:  Local Authority of Xylophagou Village
Region: Cyprus
Type: Water & Flood Management
Duration: 03/2010 - 09/2011
Other Partners: -

The main objectives of the project were:

Definition of the catchment areas that affect the urban areas and their subdivision into sections according to the topography and cover, so that the storm runoff is collected at prescribed points and disposed through a pipe network outside the urban area
Study of the existing and future condition of the catchment areas and the way of draining and disposal of storm runoff (local town planning plans etc.)
Assessment of surface runoff at each section into which the residential area is subdivided and the definition of problematic points or areas for the various rainfall intensities (on the basis of times of concentration and rainfall return periods)
. Recommendations for the solution of the disposal of storm runoff from the residential areas
. Conclusions and recommendations

The whole project constitutes a Master Plan for the organization of the smooth disposal of storm waters for the whole area of Xylophagou which could be constructed gradually according to available funding and hierarchically replace problematic sewers and be in a position to define necessary sizes of sewers in new areas under development.

The tasks that were successfully completed were:

. All the objectives mentioned above were completed successfully.
. The method used for the design of the storm water disposal network was the rational method (Lloyd Davies) of the TRRL (Transport and Road Research laboratory) of the UK.
. The network design was made for storms of return period of 10 years since it was considered that the cost for this was reasonable.
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