Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is an important part of our provided services. We provide support and guidance to our clients through all the stages of an EIA from screening, site surveys, presentations to the competent authorities and consultation on all the issues. We have successfully undertaken EIA for a diverse range of projects, such as waste water treatment plants, power stations, quarries, industrial units, dams, renewable energy developments, solid wastes recycling areas, farms, golf courses, transportation infrastructure etc.

Our approach to EIA is to ensure the scope of the project in an environmental sustainable way, while satisfying the requirements of the statutory authorities. In all our EIA projects, we follow a strict timetable in agreement with our clients’ needs and we are in close cooperation with our clients’ development team.

In particular, our EIA services include:

  • EIA management
  • Site surveys to evaluate current environmental conditions
  • Analysis and evaluation of the current environmental state (natural and manmade environment)
  • Analysis of the environmental impacts of the project
  • Proposal of mitigation measures
  • Stakeholder and public consultation
  • Presentation and client’s support with the competent authorities

In addition, in many cases in the context of the EIA, there are other technical studies needed in order to support the project. We can also offer the provision of individual technical studies, including:

  • Geology, soils and material assessments
  • Water resources (source, quality impact assessment, drainage, monitoring etc)
  • Noise and vibration
  • Ecology (habitats and species)
  • Waste management
  • Socio- economic issues
  • Land quality assessment
  • Cultural heritage (impact assessment)

All the above analyses are made using equipment, software and methodologies that are state of the art for each sector.

I.A.CO is highly qualified and experienced in the preparation and elaboration of Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) procedure and studies both in Cyprus and abroad. SEA is a process by which it is made sure that environmental consideration is fully integrated into the preparation of Plans and Programmes and prior to their final adoption, according to the requirements of the SEA Directive (2001/42/EC) and the relevant national legislation.

The steps involved in SEA are:

  • Screening (determining whether or not SEA is required)
  • Scoping (determining the range of environmental issues to be covered by the SEA)
  • The preparation of an Environmental Report
  • The implementation of consultations with the public and stakeholders
  • The integration of environmental considerations into the Plan or Programme
  • The publication of information on the decision (SEA Statement)

Our experienced team, that is made up of expert mechanical, chemical and environmental engineers, biologists, hydrologists, ecologists, geologists, GIS experts and project managers, has developed a broad expertise and experience that guarantees the provision of high quality services customized to our clients’ business endeavor conditions and requirements.