I.A.CO’s great experience, excellent working relationships with the statutory authorities and deep knowledge of existing legislation is a guarantee to the provision of efficient, responsible and sound support to our clients in obtaining environmental permits, necessary approvals and continuous smooth operation for their projects and developments, saving them time and money.

Environmental permits include the following:

  • EIA studies for new developments
  • Air emissions permits
  • Waste disposal permits
  • Hydrological and hydraulic studies (streambed flow capacity assessment, relocation of streams and flow routing, and dimensioning of culverts and bridges) for new developments

    Our environmental permitting services include:

    • Site evaluation and definition of our client needs
    • Client Consultation (legal requirements in comparison with project scope and design)
    • Completion of required studies and relevant application forms
    • Pre- and post- construction monitoring of biotic and abiotic parameters
    • All necessary communication with the statutory authorities on behalf of our clients
    • Further Technical Studies
    • Support and consultation on retainer (continuous support and completion of annual reports as per environmental permit and consultation on other arising technical matters and issues)