The development, analysis and implementation of environmental policy are key aspects of our expertise and experience. Our environmental policy expertise lies in the sectors of water and flood management, waste and pollution management, combating desertification and ecology.

We have a proven track record of wide experience in assisting national government ministries and public bodies, as well as international agencies, in the formulation, analysis and implementation of the European and national environmental policy. This involves mainly the:

  • implementation of EU environmental policy and legislation into the National framework, always taking under consideration the EU legal framework and requirements, as well as the local conditions and needs;
  • expert support in the development and formation of EU and National environmental policy through analysis of the needs, the current situation and the future trends and providing the results of these analyses in a form of a case study;
  • human resources capacity building of the national governmental departments in order to have a clear understanding of policy tools and develop the knowledge and experience on how to implement them;
  • organisation, implementation and evaluation of awareness and consultation campaigns for environmental policies with the public and relevant stakeholders.

In addition, we offer our environmental policy consultation services to the private sector in order to support our clients to be compliant with the EU environmental acquis and national legislative framework.

Our environmental policy experienced staff and associated experts, as a result of their deep involvement in relevant projects, meetings and conferences, have a profound understanding of the EU and National Environmental Legislative Framework and even more importantly they have a diverse experience in the development, analysis and implementation of environmental policy both at national and international level.

It is noteworthy to say that I.A.CO has been involved very successfully in the implementation of a wide range of EU legislation and International Conventions in Cyprus, such as the Water Framework Directive, the IPPC, the Urban Waste Water Directive, the UN Convention to combat Desertification, the Floods Directive (2007/60/EC), the Directive on the Management of wastes of the Mining Industry, etc. In addition, I.A.CO has been part to various DG Environment projects, the results of which aimed to help formulate EU environmental policies in the sector of water management.

Selected Case Studies