Water management is a major activity field and area of expertise of I.A.CO since its establishment.

Our team of in-house water management experts is uniquely placed to provide advice and guidance on everything from water supply and demand management to evaluation of hydrological and hydrogeological conditions and water scarcity and drought mitigation measures to flood risk assessment. Our team of hydrologists, hydrogeologists, engineers, geologists and biologists are highly experienced in all aspects of water resources management and application of innovative techniques, strategies and policies for planning, developing, distributing and managing the optimum use of water resources.

Our ability to define and focus on the relevant water resources issues enables us to develop timely and cost-effective solutions. Due to our experts’ years of experience I.A.CO can pinpoint the technical and regulatory issues confronting our clients, to conceptualize the most pragmatic and cost effective approach for the particular issue at hand and to provide state-of-the-art technical services and consultation addressing our clients’ needs and issues.

Namely, I.A.CO’s fields of expertise in water management lies, among other, in the following aspects:

  • Water supply and demand management
  • Water management policy formation and implementation
  • Design and implementation of monitoring programs for surface and ground waters
  • Formation of water pricing policies as a tool for demand management
  • Evaluation of hydrological and hydrogeological conditions
  • Sizing of  streams, culverts, bridges for flood events at various return periods
  • Management and protection of water resources
  • Delineation of contributing areas to sources of water for human consumption (wells, boreholes, springs)  and develop measures for their protection
  • Planning and management of alternative water supply, e.g. recycled water, desalination
  • Design and planning of drainage systems and use of new techniques, such as Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems
  • Design of urban storm water drainage networks
  • Floods risk assessment and protection planning
  • Water Scarcity and Drought assessments and proposal of mitigation measures

We use specialized software, modelling systems and ArcGIS extension tools for the above services that include:

  • HEC-HMS: simulation of precipitation – runoff processes of dendritic watershed systems
  • HEC-GeoHMS: hydrology ArcGIS tool designed to process geospatial data for use with the HEC-HMS
  • HEC-RAS: one-dimensional hydraulic calculations for a full network of natural and constructed channels with or without hydraulic structures
  • HEC-GeoRAS: set of ArcGIS tools specifically designed to process geospatial data for use with the HEC-RAS
  • HEC-ResSim: modeling of reservoir operations
  • EPASWMM: dynamic rainfall-runoff simulation model used for single event or long-term (continuous) simulation of runoff quantity and quality from primarily urban areas
  • EPANET: modeling of the hydraulic and water quality behavior of water distribution piping systems
  • STORMCAD: comprehensive modeling for the design and analysis of storm sewer systems.
  • HYDROWORKS: storm water analysis program
  • GMS: building and simulating groundwater models that features 2D and 3D geostatistics, stratigraphic modeling and a unique conceptual model approach
  • MODFLOW: a three-dimensional groundwater flow model
  • BASINS: assessment of water quality at selected stream sites or throughout an entire watershed

I.A.CO through the broad and long experience of its team experts has developed a unique expertise in water resources management issues in Cyprus and similar semi-arid climates abroad.

In this context, I.A.CO has participated in European Commission projects of DG Environment and DG Agriculture that explore and evaluate water management issues, techniques and policies. I.A.CO provided its expert skills, experience and knowledge of water management in semi-arid climates.

In addition, I.A.CO has been greatly involved in the implementation of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) in Cyprus supporting the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment to implement successfully and in a meaningful and relevant to the local conditions and needs way the requirement of the WFD.

Selected Case Studies