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June 2017

Hydrological and hydraulic study for the redevelopment area of Pouzis river, including the old bridge, in the Community of Alethriko

IACO conducted a hydrological and hydraulic study for the redevelopment of Pouzis river in the area between the new and the old bridge on behalf of the Community of Alethriko. The proposed project includes the restoration of the old bridge, the creation of a paved access to the bridge and the slope formation into stands and green space for the visitors.

The study investigated whether the project affects the ability of the river to channel the flows and if it ensures safety against flooding to its users. Therefore, a collection of the available meteorological data from the nearest meteorological station and all of the relevant data (eg. architecture drawings, cross sections) was made, coupled with site visit. The draining capacity of both bridges (old and new) was examined for a time period of 20, 50 and 100 years.

It is noted that the Rational Method was used for the hydrological analysis while the hydraulic analysis was made using HEC-RAS software.     

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