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June 2017

Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment Study for Marathasa Local Plan

IACO submitted to the Department of Urban Planning and Housing, the Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment Study for the Local Plan of Marathasa area.

Marathasa area falls into the administrative boundaries of Nicosia and Limassol District and includes 14 Communities covering an area of approximately 313km2.

The Local Plan aims to develop an urban planning framework adapted to the needs and the specific characteristics of the area, in order to promote a sustainable development until 2020. The main issues of the study area are the isolation from the urban concentrations, the degradation of the structured environment and the lack of an integrated strategic framework for the development of the mountainous areas of Cyprus. The advantages of the area, among others, are the exceptional nature landscape, the forest areas and the rich cultural heritage.

The sustainable development of Marathasa is promoted through:

i) The balanced distribution of land uses and the suitable management of the available resources,

ii) the respect of the natural environment and landscape of the area, and

iii) the promotion of policies for strengthening the economic base and the social cohesion.

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