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photini efthymiou

Fotini Efthymiou

Fotini holds a BSc. in Geology and Geoenvironment and a MSc. in Environmental Engineering. She is experienced in the preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment studies for a wide array of projects and developments, as well as in the preparation of Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment Studies of Plans or Programmes.

Moreover, she specializes in the preparation of hydrological and hydrogeological studies using various software such as the DC-DEWATERING and AquiferWin32. She has participated in many training courses and seminars, such as the education seminar “Measurement of the impact of Antibiotic Resistance discharge in wastewater and in soil: Ecological aspects”, organized by the University of Cyprus, and the NARNIA – N.C.S.R “Demokritos” training course.

She is a Member of the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ETEK) since 2017 and Member of The Cyprus Association of Geologists and Mining Engineers since 2018.