I.A.CO's experienced associates

The multidisciplined approach as demanded by the nature of each project carried out by I.A.CO, requires the engagement of specialized and experienced expert associates that vary according to the specific project needs, through short or long contract arrangements or project to project contracts. 

I.A.CO’s extensive network of associates of different disciplines and geographic locations, is one of its greatest assets, as it secures access to specialized expertise that is not available in house. Our network of associates includes and involves Surveyor Engineers, Town Planners, Architects, Biologists, Chemists, Civil Engineers, Computer Engineers, Ecologists, Economists, Electrical Engineers, Geologists, Geotechnical Engineers, Information Technology Experts, Marine Biologists, Mechanical Engineers, Ornithologists, Sociologists etc.
Moreover, I.A.CO has developed over the years an international network of associates the collaboration with whom has led to the successful completion of many projects both in Cyprus and abroad. This includes experts and companies from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, UK, etc.
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We are always looking for new talented people to join our team.