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Environmental Permitting Compliance

Our team has a wide experience and deep technical knowledge, in providing efficient and sound support to our clients in obtaining environmental permits, necessary approvals, achieving compliance with environmental conditions and requirements as set in different permits, and achieving continuous smooth operations throughout their project’s lifecycle.

Our expertise in environmental permitting, compliance assessments, auditing, management plans and systems, modelling, monitoring, evaluation and research, includes provision of services for Industrial Emissions Permits, Waste Disposal Permits, Air Emission Permits, as well as the provision of services for beyong compliance, such as application of ESG framework, CSR reporting, Risk assessment and mitigation etc. We provide services for developing tailor made Environmental Management Systems. Management Plans and Monitoring Plans for Waste, Water, Energy, Flora and Fauna, while undertaking relevant reporting, using adequate Key Performance Indices such as the UN SDGs. Moreover, we are constantly investing in expanding our specialized monitoring equipment to cover the needs of our customers for continuously monitoring and improving their projects.

Through the experience gained in the above services we have accomplished an excellent communication and collaboration with the Competent Authorities to best support our clients in this field.

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Environmental permitting compliance
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