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angela nicolaou

Angela Nicolaou

Angela Nicolaou has been working at I.A.CO since 2007, and she currently holds the position of the Environmental Unit Manager. She carries substantial experience and expertise in enviromental management issues, and she specialises in Environmental Impact Assessment studies for a wide array of projects and developments.

Moreover, she has extensive experience in Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment studies for a serious number of Plans and Programmes, in Waste Management Plans, Environmental Management Systems, Environmental audit and compliance assessments, modelling, monitoring, evaluation and research, ESG consultancy, Risk assessment and mitigation, Pollution control and she has excellent knowledge and understanding of the environmental legislation, directives, regulations and guidelines.

Angela has extensive experience in the Environmental Permit granting procedures, while she had major involvement in the evaluation of the effluent quality monitoring results of wastewater treatment plans under Directive 91/271/EEC, in the setting up and implementation of Environmental Baseline Surveys and monitoring campaigns for both offshore (Ports, Marinas, etc) and onshore (Abandoned Mines, Waste management facilities, Shooting ranges, etc) activities.

Her long experience in a variety of environmental issues that she has been involved, make her one of the most capable experts in her field in Cyprus.