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ayis iacovides

Ayis Iacovides

Ayis Iacovides, I.A.CO’s Executive Director, has been professionallly active since 2001 in the sectors of environmental and water management, both in Cyprus and abroad. His involvement in diverse and complex environmental and water related consultation and research projects with the private and the public sector from his early career years, have equipped him with both wide and deep expertise in many environmental issues, as well as thorough understanding of the wide spectrum of environmental management and protection framework.

He specializes in Environmental impact assessments, compliance assessments, auditing, management plans and systems, modelling, monitoring, evaluation and research, ESG consultancy, CSR reporting, Risk assessment and mitigation, Pollution control, Catchment management and river basin planning, Flood risk management, Water resources management, Ecological assessment and surveys, Stakeholder engagement, public consultation, conflict resolution, Climate change mitigation and adaptation, Renewable energy consultancy, Sustainable development, Urban development planning and policy analysis, Agricultural and rural development planning and policy analysis, Strategic environmental assessment, etc.

His overall broad involvement in most aspects of environmental engineering and management, establishes him as a highly experienced expert in the coordination and implementation of complex environmental projects, while he is skilled in public participation and consultation campaigns on environmental issues. In 2019, and for two years, he was contracted as a personal Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development, and Environment of the Republic of Cyprus, for matters related to the competencies of the specific Ministry, and with a main focus on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Plan of the Akamas National Forest Park, which lies within the Akamas Peninsula Natura 2000 site (SAC/SPA).

He is a member of the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber, a member of the Association of Scientists and Environmental Engineers in Cyprus, a member of the Cyprus Association of Civil Engineers, and a member of the IUCN’s World Commission of Protected Areas, and of the IUCN’s Tourism and Protected Areas Specialist (TAPAS) Group.