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chrysanthi demetriou

Chrysanthi Demetriou

Chrysanthi has been professionally active since 2005 in the fields of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, and she has been involved in many different development projects and plans in Cyprus and abroad, dealing with industrial and livestock facilities, infrastructure plans and projects – public utility, large and complex developments, etc.

She has been involved in the elaboration and coordination of Feasibility Studies, Environmental Impact Assessments, Reconnaissance Studies and Risk Assessment Studies, as well as in the design of environmental protection facilities and sewerage networks and other important projects, with the use of appropriate design software and models (such as AutoCad and SewerCad).

She specializes, inter alia, in the preparation of Environmental Management Systems that meet the main requirements of the International Standard ISO 14001, Waste Management Systems and Plans, Emergency Response Plans both during the construction and the operation of a development project. Within her specialties is the elaboration of environmental modelling, such as air pollutants dispersion models, noise assessment models and models of dispersion of pollutants in surface waters, with the use of specialized software packages (IMMI, CORMIX etc.). Furthermore, she worked as an inspector for the Department of Environment of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment.

In particular, she carried out inspections in all respective IPPC/IED facilities such as waste management facilities (landfills, metals, plastics, ELVs, batteries, recyclable packaging, mineral / fuel oils, etc.) and evaluated several environmental pollution incidents throughout Cyprus. She is a member of the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber.