I.A.CO participates in the elaboration of a comprehensive feasibility study of a combined marine development in Kissonerga community in Paphos, on behalf of the Deputy Ministry of Tourism

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The Consortium of Deloitte Limited and Triton Consulting Engineers SA have been assigned by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism (DMT) of the Republic of Cyprus to perform a comprehensive feasibility study of a combined marine development in Kissonerga, Paphos. The scope of the project is to perform a comprehensive feasibility study that will facilitate the DMT to decide on the optimal project development option for a combined marine development. Several development options have been preliminary identified within two categories: a) Development of a Marina and b) Combined development including infrastructure to accommodate cruise ships and a Marina. Within the two categories different options will be examined incorporating commercial uses, real estate facilities/services, etc.

I.A.CO, as a subcontractor of Triton, will aid the process as the environmental consultant of the project. The role of I.A.CO is to execute a comparative environmental assessment of the alternative development options. The environmental assessment of the various options will cover the anthropogenic environment, land and planning zones, cultural heritage, water demand and impacts to water quality, morphology – landscape, soil, bathymetry, marine sediments, biotic and atmospheric environment.

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