Participation in the implementation of the Project «Rationalization of waste data collected»


I.A.CO Environmental & Water Consultants Ltd, member of a consortium led by Eunomia Research & Consulting, participates in the implementation of the Project «Rationalization of waste data collected» for the behalf of the Department of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment of the Republic of Cyprus. All EU state members are required to submit on an annual basis, data concerning waste quantities produced per type of waste, separate collection of waste, preparation for reuse, recovery, recycle, disposal. The general objective of the project is the collection, recording and assessment of the quantitative data about the production and management of municipal waste, in order to identify the current status of waste production and management in Cyprus.

The specific objects of the Project are:
1) Categorization of municipal waste according to the European Waste Catalogue (EWC)
2) Recording of municipal waste production sources
3) Recording of waste management facilities
4) Recording of municipal waste quantities per source, per management facility and per waste category
5) Estimation of non-recorded producers and quantities of municipal waste produced
6) Submission of tables form per waste category, source, method of collection, sorting, storage, management, transportation, export and final disposal.
7) Filling in of tables to be submitted to the European Commission (based on table formats as depicted under different EC Decisions) for municipal waste with quantitative data for 2021 and 2022 and with projections for 2023 up to 2027, regarding product market placement and waste generation and management (collection, separate collection, preparation for reuse, recovery, recycling and disposal).

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