Waste & Pollution

Creation of a dispersion model of gaseous pollutants in the atmosphere in the Vasilikos region

CLIENT: Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry – Hydrocarbons Service

The main goal of this project was the elaboration of an Air Pollution Model in Vasilikos area, which included the following: a) baseline air pollution conditions including all the activities in the area, b) all activities of the existing and new facilities in the area, and c) evaluation of the model’s results. The meteorological characteristics, as well as the current air quality conditions of the study area have been analyzed, focusing on the determination of the pollution distribution. The tasks that were successfully completed and the services that were provided were:

  1. The prediction of the diffusion of various pollutants into the atmosphere, in relation to the current state of environment.
  2. The prediction of the diffusion of various pollutants into the atmosphere, as expected to be modified by the first phase of the Development Plan’s installations.
  3. The comparison of various scenarios of the dispersion of gaseous pollutants in the atmosphere.

The study concluded that the presence of oil and gas storage facilities will lead to light pollution of the Vasilikos atmosphere, without any significant effect in the quality of the atmosphere of the nearest village center. The first phase of the Development Plan is not expected to affect human health, as long as mitigation measures will be taken into consideration in order to reduce emissions related to the various facilities operating in the study area.

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Waste & Pollution

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