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Design of the dewatering system during the construction of the “QN KITION” Project in Larnaca


The Scope of the study was to design an effective dewatering system for ensuring dry conditions during the construction of the basement of the “QN KITION” development in Larnaca.

For the implementation of the study the following tasks were executed:

A. Determination of aquifer parameters – Pumping Test

Determination of the aquifer parameters (Transmissivity, Hydraulic Conductivity and Storage Coefficient), via the execution of a Pumping Test. The duration of the Pumping Test was 8,75 hours with a constant pumping rate of 16m3/hour, while the drawdown of the water level, was monitored through two observation wells. After the termination of the pumping, the recovery of the water level was monitored for 12 hours.

The measurements were analyzed by utilizing the «Aquifer Win» specialized software and the aquifer parameters were determined.

B. Design of the dewatering system  

Considering the results of the pumping test and the excavation level plan, an effective dewatering system was designed, providing the required drawdown with the minimum of pumping volumes, minimizing the operating expenses. This included the size, number, depth and location of the required boreholes and the number of pumps and their capacity. The dewatering system was designed by utilizing «DC -DEWATERING» specialized software.

The proposed dewatering system consists of a combination of four deep wells and a peripheral dewatering trench. The pumped water was proposed to be discharged into an infiltration trench. Furthermore, four ground water level observation wells, one at each side of the excavation area, outside the secant piling wall, were proposed, in order to ensure that the groundwater level outside the excavation area would be remain stable throughout the dewatering works.

C. Design of a settlement tank

The discharged water should be sediment free. Thus, a suitable settlement tank was designed, in order to provide adequate settlement time, eliminating the turbidity of the water.

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Water Resources & Floods

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