Enviromental Permitting Compliance

Environmental Consulting Services for the “Limassol Greens Golf Resort”, in Fasouri, Limassol

CLIENT: Private Sector

The “Limassol Greens Golf Resort” includes the creation and development of a “18-hole championship golf course, including ancillary infrastructure, other similar facilities and building area with 495 luxurious villas and 233 apartments”. The total size of the site is 141 hectares, but the building area covers an area of 150.000 m2. In particular, the development will also include a Golf Club House of 1.700 m2, Retail & Commercial facilities including shops, restaurants, bars and convenience store with a total rentable space of 2.850 m2, Wellness and Sports Centre including indoor and outdoor pools, spa treatment facilities, fitness area, tennis and squash courts with total area of 2.400 m2, a Maintenance building of 3.400 m2 and a Sewerage Treatment Plant of 1.300 m2, which is going to serve the whole development.

I.A.CO Ltd provided integrated environmental consulting services, aiming the compliance of the development with the Environmental terms of the Town Planning permit. These included the successful elaboration of the following:

  • Report of the Revised Numerical Fluctuations and Capacities of the sub-projects /facilities of the development of “Limassol Greens Golf Resort” in the area ‘Fasouri’ of Limassol.
  • Groundwater Monitoring Program during the construction phase, as well as during the operation phase of the development.
  • Flora and Fauna Management Plan of the area during both the construction and operation phase of the development.
  • Waste Management Plan during the operation phase of the development.
  • Pesticides – Fertilizers – Lawn Management Plan during the operation phase of the development.
  • Irrigation Study of the Golf Course and the Green Areas of the development.
  • Monitoring Program and Safety Plan for the Operation of the Sewerage Treatment Plant of the development.
  • Construction Management Plan and Emergency Action Plan during the construction phase.
  • Environmental Management Plan.
  • Energy Saving Plan.
  • Environmental Statement of the development.
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Enviromental Permitting Compliance

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