Environmental Impact Assessement

Environmental Impact Assessment study (EIA) for the construction and operation of a mixed development comprising of two high rise buildings and villas in Kato Pafos


Elaboration of an Environmental Impact Assessment Study for the Construction and Operation of the proposed (mixed use) development in Kato Paphos area, on Poseidonos Avenue, which is the Kato Paphos’ coastal area’s central street, where there is intense tourist activity. The total area of ​​these plots amounts to approximately 46.797m2. The proposed development concerned the construction of 20 Tourist Villas and the construction of two Residential Highrise Buildings of 14 and 15 floors. The height of the tallest of the two high-rise buildings will be 70.90m from the ground (88.23m a.m.s.l.), while both the two high-rise buildings will accommodate a total of 118 residential units.

The tasks that were successfully completed and the services that were provided were:

  • Analysis of the current state of the environment of the area and of the socioeconomic conditions of the area (population, economic activities, town planning, land use).
  • Proposal and environmental evaluation of different alternative solutions of the project.
  • Evaluation and assessment of the potential environmental impacts that could arise during the project’s construction and operation. The significant environmental impacts of the project were examined in relation to characteristics and location of the project. This analysis of potential impacts has been done per environmental parameter (e.g. climate, morphology, water resources, population, etc.) both during the construction stage as well as during the operation stage of the Proposed Project.
  • Formation and proposal of suitable mitigation measures to address the potential environmental impacts. Most of the mitigation measures proposed, both for during construction and operation of the project, are summed in a Construction Environmental Management Plan and a Health and Safety Plan during construction, and in an Environmental Management System during operation of the Proposed Project.

Elaboration of monitoring plan to be implemented during the construction and operation of the project.

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Environmental Impact Assessement

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