Water Resources & Floods

Feasibility Study Pedieos River Rehabilitation Project


The rehabilitation works involved surveying, ecological habitat mapping, hydrological river analysis, architectural design and construction of river rehabilitation infrastructures. These mainly included flood protection works, protection/improvement of the hydro-morphological and ecological features of the river, construction of a walking/bicycle path and various pedestrian bridges at strategic points along a length of approximately 4640m, at the initial phase, of river bed. Of this length, 850m is currently in the “Buffer Zone” (BZ), and a further 390m is located south of the BZ.

For achieving the above, a team of experts with key experience in river rehabilitation and linear park development, suitable in executing such a project at the highest possible quality was formed. The development of such a project required a stepwise approach, with discreet tasks that led to a masterplan design of a linear park along the Pedieos River. The linear park will be based on ecological and hydrological assessments, and hydraulic analysis of selected river cross sections vulnerable to flooding, based on topographical surveys. These will be fed into the architectural designs of the walking/bicycle path in order to ensure their safe construction and use.

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Water Resources & Floods

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Water Resources & Floods
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