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Hydrological and Hydraulic Study for the stormwater management of the proposed development “Outlet Village and Amusement Park” in Kokkinotrimithia

CLIENT: Private Sector

The main purpose of the Project was the elaboration of a Master Plan for the stormwater drainage system in order to secure the development safety from flooding.

The proposed drainage system was designed for rainfall intensities with a return period of 1 in 10 years, taking into consideration the existing public drainage infrastructure in the vicinity of the project area.

The hydrological and hydraulic analysis included the following:

  • Determination of the drainage system configuration taking into consideration the Master Plan of the development, the proposed topography and the public drainage infrastructure.
  • Demarcation of the various subcatchments within the proposed development area.
  • Analysis of the existing meteorological data for the calculation of the rainfall for a return period of 1 in 10 years based on the Meteorological Station No. 520 in Kokkinotrimithia, which was the most appropriate and representative Meteorological Station.
  • Calculation of the derived peak flow from each examined subcatchment based on the Time of Concentration.
  • Hydraulic analysis for the design/sizing of the drainage system. The method used was in line with the guidelines of the Department of Public Works and other relevant Authorities.

The proposed drainage system is designed to be discharged to two points at the east and at the west of the study area. Both discharge points will be connected to the existing stormwater network, while part of the stormwater runoff at the southwest of the project area will be routed superficially into the green space.

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Water Resources & Floods

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Water Resources & Floods
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