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Management Plans for the Special Protection Areas (SPA) of Cyprus

Client: Game and Fund Service Ministry of Interior Cyprus

Other Partners: Birdlife Cyprus

Cyprus government has incorporated in the national legislation the European Birds Directive 2009/147/EC, by implementing the “Protection and Management of Wild Birds and Game” law (152(I)/2003). According to the provisions of the Directive and the national legislation, each Member State must designate Special Protection Areas (SPAs). Cyprus has designated 30 SPA areas in the territories under the control of the Cyprus government, based on the criteria set for the species listed in Annex I of the Directive and the important migratory species.

Cyprus, as well as all Member States, are obliged to sustain and manage all important species and their habitats in the designated SPA areas. A crucial prerequisite for proper protection and management of bird species, is the elaboration of Favorable Reference Values (FRVs), as well as setting Conservation Objectives, for each area. FRVs refer to the optimum bird population size of each species expected in a given area. In addition, public consultation is also considered important during the project implementation. All of the above will constitute the basis for elaborating a proper Management Plan for each SPA area.

According to the above, the objectives of the project are:

  • Elaboration of Favorable Reference Values (FRVs) for all SPA trigger species
  • Definition of General and Specific management objectives
  • Analysis of pressures that threaten the protection of bird species, their populations and their habitats
  • Public meetings and Consultation campaigns with all interested parties, local community councils and public authorities
  • Elaboration of a Management Plan for every SPA designated area
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