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National Waste Management Plan for Municipal Wastes (Household waste and Similar Commercial, Industrial and Institutional wastes) including separately collected fractions – Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of the Plan

Client: Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment – Environment Department

The project’s objective was the elaboration of a national waste management plan for the municipal solid waste and other similar type wastes, for the island of Cyprus, according to the requirements of the new 2008/98/EC Waste Framework Directive. Under this Management Plan, the general framework, as well as specific practical, feasible and compliant directions, measures, procedures and practices were provided taking into account the current status of management, aiming at reaching and meeting all the targets and requirements as requested in the related European waste management policy documents and Directives, with regards to municipal waste.

The tasks that were successfully completed and the services that were provided included the following:

  • Current Situation and Gap Assessment of existing legal framework and infrastructure capacity, taking into account current practices and existing plans as compared to European legislation and practices
  • Definition of temporal and quantitative legal requirements and targets with regards to recyclables, waste separation at source, biowaste / biodegradables
  • Review of available waste management technologies including source separation, collection, transfer, pre-treat, recycle, recover, landfill
  • Drafting of a National Action Plan, setting quantitative and qualitative targets, and setting up the scene for integrated waste management feasible and viable under Cyprus conditions Infrastructure requirements, Economic Analysis of plan
  • Public and stakeholder consultation of the Plan
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Plan
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Environmental Policies

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