Participation in the coordination of the project “Preparation of Special Environmental Studies (SES’s), Presidential Decree (PD’s) and Management Plans (MP’s) for all the areas of the Natura 2000 Network” in Greece


We proudly announce that we will be exporting our humble expertise and experience in Protected Areas Management Planning in one of the most ecologically and aesthetically rich countries worldwide, Greece, through a Consortium of Experts led by our very close Greek associates ENVECO SA. This three-year project, is about being the Technical and Scientific Coordinators of the Special Environmental Studies (SES) execution projects, Management Plans and Legal Decrees for all the Natura 2000 Sites of the Hellenic Republic.

The 446 sites of the Greek Natura 2000 network will be grouped and studied for safeguarding their favourable conservation status through 23 Special Environmental Studies, divided into 11 separate contracts, which will be coordinated and supervised by our Consortium. This project will support into meeting the objectives of the 92/43/EC and 2009/147/EC Directives but most importantly upgrade their conservation and protection status. As part of our Technical and Scientific Coordinator role 30-month Contract the following will be performed amongst others: Analytical Guidelines and Specifications for all expected deliverables, Integrated GeoDatabase for ecological and other data input, protected area zoning and management measures per protected area and protection objective, Coordination and progress management, Finalization of management plans, Public Participation Campaigns, etc. Awarding Body: Protected Area Unit, Directorate of Biodiversity and Protected Areas, DG Environmental Policy, Ministry of Environment and Energy, Hellenic Republic

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