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CLIENT: Department of Fisheries and Marine Research

OTHER PARTNERS: Subcontracted by Lighthouse S.p.A and METRICA S.A.

The aim of the BYTHOS project was to support the ongoing Cypriot national endeavor of improving its seabed topography knowledge, in order to ensure the safety of both navigation activities and the environment. A comprehensive hydrographic survey covering a water depth range starting from the isobath of -50m to approximately -250m with an area of 1.195km2 was the main objective of the Project. Part of the Project – which I.A.CO was awarded – was the implementation of Lights and Buoys survey along the coastline of Cyprus coupled with the provision of support material for nautical publications i.e. photographs shooting of sites such as Fishing Shelters, Ports and Marinas.

A total number of 51 lights, 76 buoys and 74 sites were provided by the Client, together with the relevant information to be collated and presented in tabular form. All survey items were numbered in a sequential manner based on the list provided by the Client. The coastal area of Cyprus was divided in 9 survey areas: Paralimni, Ayia Napa – Ormideia, Larnaca, Zygi, Limassol, Akrotiri, Paphos, Peyeia, and Akamas – Pyrgos. The offshore activities, with a total duration of 11 days, were executed by a boat, while one day of onshore surveying activities was required for surveying the listed items. A GNSS (Global Navigaiton Satellite System) GPS system was used for the offshore and onshore survey.

The tasks that were successfully completed and the services that were provided are the following:

  • Survey of the listed lights provided by the Client. For each light, a table containing information such as location, structure description and height, was filled.
  • Survey of the listed buoys provided by the Client. For each buoy a table with information such as the type and name of mark, the shape and the color of the buoy, the color and the rhythm of the buoy’s light, was filled.
  • Identification and survey of new lights and buoys.
  • Photographs shooting of 74 sites that were provided by the Client including Ports, Marinas, Fishing Shelters, private installations, major industrial and urban areas, marine protected areas, etc.
  • Additional photographs shooting of other new sites, which were considered “points of interest” within the scope of the Project.
  • Production of Maps for each survey area showing the findings of the survey.
  • Submission of a “Lights, Buoys and Sites Survey” Report to the Client.
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