Waste & Pollution

Provision of Services for the Implementation of Measure 95 – Establishment of Accident Pollution Risk Management Committee of the 2000/60/EC WFD

CLIENT: Department of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment

Implementation of Measure 95 – Establishment of an Accidental Pollution Risk Management Committee of the Water Framework Directive for the preparation of pollution contingency plans that will take into account the pollution potential of the installations, the protected areas of Article 6 of the Water Framework Directive as well as the environmental objectives set for water bodies by WFD.

The tasks that were successfully completed and the services that were provided were:

  • Recording, collection and delivery to the Contracting Authority of all relevant Emergency Plans of the Facilities covered by the IED Directive (2010/75/EU) and SEVESO II (96/82/EC).
  • Recording of the legal framework, of the existing committees, of the existing resources and means that the Republic of Cyprus has, as well as recording of actions taken in incidents of accidental pollution in all water bodies (including marine and coastal), and on land.
  • Recording of existing resources and means available to the Republic of Cyprus for dealing with incidents of accidental pollution.
  • Identification of gaps in accidental pollution response procedures and suggested solutions.
  • Assessment of the resources and means that the Republic of Cyprus must possess in order to be able to respond to incidents of accidental pollution.
  • The «Accidental Pollution Management Plan» (APMP) which was finally presented had as its main purpose the reduction and limitation of the effects of accidental pollution in the environment, through coordinated actions and measures that will be taken for accidental pollution prevention, preparedness and response. Prevention, preparedness and response are the three Strategies Goals of the APMP.
  • From the preparation of all the above tasks, it was deemed necessary in the context of the preparation of the APMP to also prepare an «Emergency Plan Structure and Contents Model» which should be followed by all Facilities / Activities which have or will have the obligation to submit such a plan to the Department of Environment.
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Waste & Pollution

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