Environmental Impact Assessement

Strategic Environmental Assessment of Cyprus Desalination Plant Development Plan

Client: Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment – Water Development Department

Other Partners: ENVECO S.A. (Greece)

Drought is a matter of great importance for Cyprus. Cyprus and Malta are classified as the EU member states with the highest levels of water shortage, with drought being the most important problem. Cyprus has always had a problem of water shortage, affecting both its drinking and irrigation needs. During 2008, Cyprus experienced heavy drought conditions and water shortage, which was the result of consecutive years of drought. This resulted in serious retrenchments both in drinking water supply and more so in irrigation water supply. Water was imported from Greece, in order to meet the drinking water demand. In that context, the Republic of Cyprus put forward the Desalination Plant Development Plan, in order to be able to cover the drinking water needs and to ensure independency from the weather conditions.

The tasks that were successfully completed and the services that were provided by I.A.CO in the frame of the Strategic Environmental Assessment were:

  • Analysis and description of the context and objectives of the Plan, establishing the baseline and deciding on the scope
  • Detailed description of the Plan with a focus on those aspects that have a potential environmental impact
  • Developing and refining alternatives, assessing effects and assist in the refinement of the plan and in the selection of the ones to be further analysed. The different alternatives that were examined were: a) Do nothing scenario, b) Measures for maximising efficient water management, water saving and available drinking water and c) Desalination Plan to achieve full independency of drinking water from the weather conditions
  • Analysis and presentation of the current situation in the relevant environmental fields, as well as of the trends and expected developments
  • Detailed assessment and evaluation of the significant environmental impacts of the Plan, also taking into account cumulative impacts
  • Identification and proposal of appropriate mitigation measures in order to be incorporated into the plan-making process
  • Formulation of appropriate Monitoring Programme for the impacts and the effectiveness of measures
  • Consultation and Public Participation Campaign with the public and relevant stakeholders
  • Presentations of the Environmental Report to the public and to the Environmental Authority
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Environmental Impact Assessement

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